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RSNY Realty is a full-service, people-oriented and customer-satisfaction driven organization founded by veteran New York-based Real Estate Investor and Broker, Chandru Ramnani. The primary objective of RSNY Realty is to provide wide variety of real estate services to foreign or local individuals and companies as well as property owners and developers, who seek for a well-organized team of realty brokers. Our special team of in-house brokers is composed of well-trained real estate professionals who are conscientiously aware of the need for prompt servicing of customers or property owner's who desire to buy, sell, rent properties in New York, USA.

RSNY Realty aim is its total commitment to be of service to its customers, both prospective buyers/lessees and property owners/developers within the framework of its unbending principles of trust and confidence. Our Company's main focus is its dedication and commitment to:

• Understand the exact needs and wants of each individual customer
• Serving our clients with a WIN-WIN outcome
• Directly focusing on the core of each negotiation
• Consistently following through all transactions
• A spirited teamwork with a motivated, positive energy level
• Establishing broker-friendly relations
• Delivering results on time, all the time

REBNY was originally formed as an alliance of commercial brokers. The group’s structure changed very little until the 1970s, when residential brokers, owners and builders became an integral part of the organization. Today, the group maintains a broad scope of operations, an expanded mission, and a membership that includes both residential and commercial property owners and developers, builders, brokers, law firms, banking institutions, architects and designers, service contractors, managing companies, and utilities providers. Experts from all of these fields inform and advise REBNY on developments affecting the real estate market in the city, and many chair REBNY-sponsored advisory committees on issues like tax law, zoning concerns, land use, and developments in rental policy. Despite REBNY’s far-reaching agenda, the organization’s basic mission is straightforward. According to the REBNY Web site (at www.rebny.com), the group’s overarching goals are: to expand New York’s economy, to encourage the development and renovation of commercial and residential property, to enhance the city’s appeal as a business location and a place to live, and to facilitate property management.